Easter Book Pocket Cushion

Easter Book Pocket Cushion

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Cute Easter book cushion makes a perfect gift either in replacement of chocolate or as an additional gift. 

White cushion cover with one pocket. 45x45cm approx. Polyester.

Grey bunny will only be included if this option is selected from the drop down menu. Grey bunny is CE tested.

Please let us know the name you would like us to print in the box provided. Please type in the name ONLY. We will add the rest of the sentence after the name ‘ ‘s book cushion ’.
If there is an ‘s’ added to the end of the name, we are going to take this as the full name.
For example, if the name is ‘Alexis’ we will print ‘Alexis‘s book cushion’ if you type in Alexiss we will add the rest on so it will then read ‘Alexiss’s book cushion’.

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